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Career and
Wellness Solutions

Bespoke career and wellness programs designed specifically to meet an individual's or team's goals. We cater to professionals looking to discover their strengths, understand their gaps and take action for improvement in emotional intelligence, communication, leadership and self-wellness skills.   

According to research, only 10-15% of people are actually self-aware, even though most believe that they are.


Our services are designed for your success

We believe that the best leaders are first and foremost skilled at self-leadership and the highest performing teams are made up of those individuals.  They continue to understand and enhance their leadership and communication style while protecting their energy and managing their wellness in order to better serve others.  

Self-Leadership Comprehensive Program

Increase your chance of success with this Self-Leadership Comprehensive Program designed to increase your skills in Communication, Decision-Making, Emotional Intelligence, Time Management and Stress Management.  We take a whole-person philosophy to our work because you are worth it.


FOUR Assessments to determine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which helps to build a personalized plan.


FIVE Workshops (12 hours) focused on our key areas: Communication, Decision-Making, Emotional Intelligence, Time and Stress Management.


A Personalized Blueprint will be created based on your individual results - this is not a one size fits all plan.  This is customized for your specific needs.


Individual Consulting time with one or more of our experts focused on your individual plan of action. We help you build your development plan and cheer you on.


Lifetime invitation to members-only community with ongoing support, discussion and announcements. Certificate of completion to place on your resume.

Woman in Pink Hat

Melani is excellent at understanding and knows how to get the best out of people in an encouraging manner. She is very good at keeping you focused on the important things in your job and helps you not stress about all the things you can't control.

Elegant Female

Right from the beginning, Katrina made suggestions that caused a shift in my thinking.  !She made me feel comfortable to talk about the hard stuff.  She asked tough questions which really made me think. Every week, there were action steps to stay focused on the changes we were trying to make.

Smiling Girl

Melani and Katrina were so insightful and encouraging and their program has helped me to find comfort with my personality (find the wins) while also seeing where I can grow in areas I am not so strong in. The support after the assessments has lead me to make some big changes and have lead me to a feeling of peace in my decisions!

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