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Total Essential Worker

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”
– Louisa May Alcott

This program is for healthcare, education, hospitality and non-profit leaders who want to increase their resilience, emotional intelligence and stress management.


Containing TWO assessments, expert analysis, a PERSONALIZED blueprint for future guidance, a stress management course AND support, this complete program helps to significantly progress your skills.


Using two of our key assessments, DISC, and EIQ 2.0, you will gain a view of your energy drains, internal and external conflicts, and key gaps in emotional intelligence. 


Our team will build you a personal blueprint consolidating your assessment outcomes, analysis and identifying any gaps and suggested areas for improvement.


Our essential workers have some of the most stressful jobs.  Our Stress Management self-guided course was created to help you keep your stress low while building resilience for the harder parts of your role.


Spend four 30 minute sessions with our experts to answer any questions about any of the feedback.  This is your time to focus on your path forward.


Join our community of professionals to continue the dialogue and have access to expert advice and input.

Learn more about the TWO assessments included in this package and our personalized blueprint

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Total Life Consulting Personalized Blueprint

As part of the Total Essential Worker package, you will receive a one-of-a-kind personalized blueprint.  This blueprint will summarize the assessments, analysis and areas of development identified throughout the process.  In addition, it offers suggestions on how to move forward and available resources to continue your work.  


Looking for your company to invest in you? 


DOWNLOAD our sample justification letter.

Total Essential Worker 

Total Package

Two assessments, expert analysis, personalized blueprint, stress management self-guided course, consulting and support, is worth over $5,000.  However, we believe that essential workers are vital to our greater health and growth as a community.  We are offering this package for only $999.

Not ready to commit but want to find out more? Book a discovery call with us to talk through the program and what we can deliver. 

Have a team of individuals to develop?  Contact us for group rate.

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