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Learn the 7 survival tips on how to protect your personal energy

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

1. Stay Grounded

Keeping yourself grounded is a sure way to keep your energy in check. Try this quick visualization to ground yourself quickly. Imagine your feet extending into the Earth, tree roots wrap around each foot and pull you securely into Mother Earth. Walk bare foot around the house, outside or in the river or ocean. Repeat a Grounding Affirmation: "My Energy is centered, grounded and focused. I am safe."

2. Shield Yourself

Gold is the color of protection. Imagine yourself in a perfect bubble of gold light. This gold protection is your shield. Wrap it up beginning at your feet, lighting yourself up like a Christmas Tree as it wraps around your abdomen, your chest, your arms, your neck, face and head. Use this when you have to go into a situation where you feel uneasy, or even a busy shopping mall. Shield Affirmation: "My Energy is safe and mine. I only allow positive thoughts, vibrations and energy to flow through me."

3. 20 Minute Energy Boosts

Take Twenty and do something that makes you happy. A walk, a run, close your eyes, a power nap, listen to your favorite song or meditation or call a friend. Do something to change your vibrations that you are currently in. Own it. Change it. Affirmations for an Energy Boost: "I am awesome. I love who I have become. I am never alone. The Universe supports me and has my back."

4. Set Your Boundaries

If you are about to walk into a situation with a known energy vampire, set your boundaries first. Set the intention that your energy is safe and only for you. Protect yourself so that no one can take your energy and you will remain positive and protected. Know your limits and honor your limits. Setting your Boundaries Affirmation: - "I am full of self-confidence, energy and joy. My energy is protected and completely my own. I am allowed to say no."

5. Release Energetic Attachments or Karma Cords to Others

When we take over someone's pain or bad day, we do this because we want to protect them, make them happy, and remove the pain or fear that they are experiencing. We want to help relieve the burden. We want to help relieve the burden. And sometimes we need to release the energetic hold from another person as that person does not serve you for your highest good and best interest anymore. What this does is creates a band of heaviness around your chest. It creates anxiety, depression, and fatigue in you. This can create an energy block.

Take a few deep breaths and imagine the first person that pops into your mind when you think of an energetic attachment. Now imagine a rope between you and this person. Turn the rope into a light silver or a light white color, and then little by little have the rope fall into pieces between you and this person. Ask that the void be filled with love. Take a few more deep breaths and project gratitude to the universe and the person you are releasing. Affirmation for letting go: "I release all expectations. I breathe freely without constraints. I release you with love and peace."

6. Clear your Space

A white sage smudge is my personal "go to" when I need to clear the energy in a space. Just burn the sage or a cedar wood incense and set the intention of all negative energy is to leave this space now. Open a window and ask all negative energy to leave, put salts into a bowl of water and leave in the room (change the water daily) or open the curtains during a full moon and ask the moon to cleanse your space. Affirmations for clearing your space: "I bless this space with love. Cleanse this space aLearn the 7 survival tips on how to protect your personal energnd make it clear, only good may enter here." You can burn a sweet grass or cedar incense to bring in positive energy once you have cleared the space with any of the above methods.

7. Breathe and Bathe

Centering yourself with breath can be a powerful self-help tool. Take a second to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth five times. Try a cleansing routine of breathing the 5-5-7 method. Take a deep breath in through your nose for five counts and fill your belly, not your lungs. Hold the breath for 5 seconds and then exhale for seven counts. Repeat 3-7 times.

Immerse yourself in a salt and baking soda bath while doing your breathing. Try a shower meditation - water is very cleansing. Release all that serves you no more, any energy restraints that you don't need, any burdens you are holding, fear or sadness that is in you and let it all wash down the drain. Just set the intention to release and wash it all out.

Affirmations for breathing and bathing: "I let this go, and say fear, pain, worry, self-doubt, whatever it is that needs to be released and wash it down the drain with cleansing water. To protect my energy, it's okay to change my mind. To protect my energy, it's okay to sleep in. To protect my energy, it's okay to do nothing. To protect my energy, it's okay to move on. To protect my energy, it's okay to be alone. To protect my energy, its okay speak up. To protect my energy, it's okay to change."


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