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Your Power Hour – Checking in with Yourself

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

What brings you joy? It is too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and everything that needs to be done. Today we suffer from being overwhelmed with too much to do! If you are not experiencing joy daily, then you have become a victim of the “automatic robot syndrome” Seriously, this is a thing, and more common than you think. Here is what a typical day may include:

You wake up and rush around in the morning trying to get yourself and the kids and the dogs ready for the day and out the door. You forget your lunch at home, and now have to deal with a grumbling stomach all day at work. You don’t have time to go for lunch so you grab something quick from the vending machine or the staff break room and rummage around to find an apple or left over muffins. After too many cups of coffee, your day is finally done at work and you rush home to start preparing dinner for the family, you manage to find something frozen to pop into the oven and serve food within thirty minutes of coming home. Then it’s off to your children’s activities. You drop them off with a hug and a kiss as you whip to the grocery store to grab a few things that you forgot to pick up over the weekend. Fill the tank with gas, grab yourself a Starbucks coffee (squeezing in a small treat for the day) as you run back to make it on time to pick up your children. Everyone gets home around 8pm, you have the kid’s shower, make their lunches and pop them into bed. It’s now 9pm and you are exhausted. You crawl into bed and start reading your favorite book. Now you have a little time for yourself. As you relax in bed, you read the first three paragraphs on the page and pass out. Your husband comes to bed, kisses your forehead, puts your book away and turns off the light.

How many of you can relate?

You are suffering from Automatic Robot Syndrome. And this needs to change. I want to challenge you to start a Power Hour, yes a whole hour of dedicated time to yourself where you do not fall asleep, talk to a friend, or plug away at social media. An hour of dedicated time for you. Meditate, Walk, Exercise, Read (something inspirational), Visualize, Journal, Dream. Do something every single day that brings you joy!

Set an alarm on your phone to check yourself every two hours. When the alarm goes off – do a mental check in of yourself. Take a deep breath, exhale. Look around you. Pay attention to your thoughts. Are they present? Are you in the moment? Do a quick self-check. Stand up, stretch, walk a few steps, give yourself a happy thought. Smile. Re set your alarm and carry on with your day.

50 Ways to Chill Out

1. Laugh – The number one way to relax and change your vibrations is to laugh. Watch a comedy, read some jokes. Laughter really is the best medicine.

2. Bake – baking creates a comforting aroma while giving you a soothing sense of accomplishment

3. Garden – being out in nature and the art of growing something from a seedling is truly enriching and empowering

4. Take a Walk – enjoy the sunshine, or just the fresh air. Nature has a natural way of changing our vibrations to the universe and easing in with mother nature.

5. Have a Bath – cleanse your aura and relax with a hot bath. Mix up a ½ cup of baking sod and a ½ cup of Epsom salts. Soak for a minimum of 20 minutes

6. Put on a face mask – Detoxing of any kind will help to relieve any stress and help to relax you.

7. Meditate – download a free app onto your phone. Anywhere from a simple 10 minute breathing meditation to a full hour body relaxation meditation. Get out of your head and into your Zen Zone!

8. Try Reiki – Reiki is all universal love and light. A complete stress free and relaxing treatment

9. Go for a run. Sometimes the best way to shut off our brains is to run it out. No music, no choreography, no coordination – just run, just be. No thinking allowed.

10. Dance – put on your favorite jam and let ‘er loose.

11. Color – They didn’t just put on the market adult coloring books for nothing. Coloring is a form or stress therapy.

12. Swear – just not in front of the kids. Sometimes a release of words and screams will suffice.

13. Hug – hugging has actually revealed to reduce stress and our cortisone levels. Hugging produces serotonin – our “happy feelings” so pause for a minute and give/get a hug

14. Squeeze a stress ball – squeezing a little squishy ball promotes muscle tension and relaxation therefore releasing stress. Go for it, squeeze a squishy!

15. Snuggle with a pet – the love of a fur baby can do wonders. Petting and snuggling reduces blood pressure and eases anxiety. They don’t call it animal therapy for nothing.

16. Get a great sleep – make sure your room is dark, turn off electronics, don’t drink too much before bed and get a great sleep. Enough sleep reduces stress.

17. Play a game – company with friends and some good ol fashioned fun might be just what the doctor ordered.

18. Take a nap – Power naps are awesome. Do it.

19. Read – getting lost in a fantastic book is a sure way to remove yourself from your present reality, if only for a little while. Sometimes a mini escape is all we need.

20. Exercise – Box, Lift Weights, Pound out the cardio machines! Do whatever it takes to get the energy out. Allow yourself a power release. Sweat it out!

21. Have sex – Need I say more?

22. Journal – Writing down your stressors, fears, and worries is a great way of getting them out of your energy system. Allow the pen to flow and release everything that is bothering you.

23. Learn to forgive – This does not mean that you need to forget. Forgiving can be something that you do all on your own. Let it go.

24. Try Yoga – Putting your body into yoga positions along with controlling your breath is a sure way to help move your inner energies and release tension.

25. Have a massage – whether it be a relaxation massage, reflexology, or shiatsu massage, moving the energy, relaxing, muscle manipulation does wonders for the body, mind and spirit.

26. Sniff some Essential Oils – Essential oils can help calm and relax you. Find some blends that relax you and put them into your bath, on a bracelet, or simply smell them when you feel tension.

27. Eat healthy fat – healthy fats such as avocado, coconut oil, and nuts are brain food. These foods help to boost your mood.

28. Take time to smell the roses – Simplicity allows us to appreciate a little more. Stop rushing. Enjoy the little things

29. Learn to say no – Know your limits. It’s okay to protect your inner light and energies. You need them for you and your family. You do not have to commit to every event, every party or every meeting that comes up. You have permission to just say no.

30. Empower Yourself – Inspire Yourself – Read fun headlines, articles, blogs that inspire and empower you. Change your thinking to keep yourself positive and happy.

31. Ask for help – people enjoy helping others. It’s human nature. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

32. Have a good cry – Let it all out. Crying is another method of energy release. There’s no shame in crying and you will feel better once it’s all out.

33. Join a sports team – being a part of a team creates a sense of unity and reduces social anxiety.

34. Cook – take a cooking class or try a new recipe. If you are not in the mood to learn something new, then cook your favorite dish. Cooking is a fantastic way to relieve stress and create something yummy!

35. Clean the house – another task that turns off your brain. You go into autopilot and just clean. Some of my best ideas appear while I’m cleaning the house!

36. Organize your space – Your room, the kitchen, your office, your house. The more organized you are the more freedom you will feel. Everything has a place, now go make a place for everything to be.

37. Have a cup of tea – Herbal teas are calming, relaxing, and comforting. Find one you love and enjoy a cupa anytime of the day.

38. Have Fun – do something every day that you enjoy. Whether it be watching a comedy show, playing with your kids, riding your bike, laughing with a friend. Do something that you can enjoy and have fun with.

39. Stop Multi-Tasking – we live in a world of NOW. It’s impossible to live in the moment and focus on what you are doing when you are multi-tasking. Take baby steps with focus and creativity. The end result will be better and you will enjoy the journey a whole lot more.

40. Call a friend – Sometimes a good gab session is a great mood booster!

41. Paint – Paint a picture or a canvas or your walls. Painting is therapeutic art. Grab some brushes and paint and start creating your masterpiece.

42. Make a vision board – separate it into categories on your board: Health, Career, Relationship/Marriage, Family and Faith. Or simplify it to Body, Mind &Spirit. Put inspirational pictures and words that rev you up and get you excited to look and review your board daily.

43. Affirmations – Pick 2-3 affirmations to say to yourself daily. You must say them at least three times a day. They must empower you and excite you. Write them down and repeat.

44. Have a cup of coffee. Sometimes a strong cup of hot coffee any time of the day can create a subtle ritual of changing your state to either chill out or re-energize you

45. Read a book – If you are pressed for time, aim for 10 pages. If you have more time, get in a few chapters. Reading gives you a sense of accomplishment and is also a great way to relax and unwind.

46. Expect Good Things To Happen – Ask and you will receive. Expect good things and good things will come.

47. Eat Dark Chocolate – It not only has antioxidants, it also stimulates the brain to release beta-endorphins, our “happy” hormones.

48. Chew Gum – chewing gum gives you something else to focus on and turns your concentration to the chewing of the gum. Chewing reduces cortisone (stress hormone), and puts you into a good mood.

49. Put yourself into a Time Out – Sometimes we just need to be alone. No phone, no people, no distractions. Give yourself a 10 minute time out to gather your thoughts and emotions.

50. Go back to the Basics – when life is overwhelming and full of stress, stop and take a minute. What really matters? Listening to your daughter giggle, tucking your son in at night, seeing your spouse at the end of the day, calling your mom on Sunday? Remember what truly matters, and return back to the basics of your humanity, your nature, your love.

“If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place” Eckhart Tolle

“Doing is never enough if you lack being” Eckhart Tolle


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